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South Tongu

Region: Volta Region
Member of Paliament: Woyome, Kobla Mensah

The South Tongu District, which was carved out of the Tongu District, is one of the 25 districts in the Volta Region. The district is located in the southern part of the Volta Region and bounded to the north by the North Tongu District, to the east by the Akatsi and Ketu Districts, to the west by Dangme East District of the Greater Accra Region and to the south by the Gulf of Guinea. The district has a total land area of 594.75 sq km and lies between latitudes 6°10 N, 5 45 N and longitudes 30°30 W. 0°45 W.

The district is generally low lying by virtue of its location within the coastal plain, but rises gradually to a height of 75 metres above sea level. The underlying rocks in the district are metamorphic in origin and mainly consist of gneiss and schist. The district is drained mainly by the Volta River, which runs along the  western boundary of the districts with Dangme East District. There are also numerous streams, which run across the district, prominent among them are the Chinwi and Todzi, with a number of lagoons in the southern section

The district lies within the wet semi-equatorial and dry equatorial climate zones. The northern part of the district lies within the wet semi-equatorial zone while the southern part is in the dry equatorial climatic zone. The climate of the district is also influenced by the southwest monsoon winds twice a year resulting in a double rainfall regime. The average rainfall for the district is about 73mm per year. A careful study of the rainfall figures for the last three years indicates an annual drop in the rainfall figures.

Administratively, there are seven circuits that serve as units for monitoring educational institutions in the district. Collectively there are 13; basic schools in the district. Primary schools dominate With 72 schools compared with 27 pre¬schools and 40 Junior Secondary Schools. There are two senior Secondary School and two Technical Vocational schools in the district.

The South Tongu Education District has seven (7) circuits. It has 68 kindergartens, go primary, 43 Junior Secondary, 2 Senior Secondary and 1 Technical vocational schools. Out of a total of one hundred and seven (107) classrooms at the Pre¬School level, fifty-four (50.4%).

NDC Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Hon. Kobla Mensah  Woyome has procured and distributed about 46 brand new desktop computers to some selected public schools in the District.
The initiative forms part of continuous effort of government to ensure that basic school pupils are enlightened with modern ways of communicating since the world is currently running on the wheels Information Communication Technology (I CT).

However more of such initiatives are expected to be carried out within the district to ensure that ICT accessibility in all public schools is realized. Meanwhile, Comboni Junior High School (JHS) has also taken delivery of 15 brand new laptop computers from the Ghana Education Service in a bid to fulfill the "one laptop per child" policy initiated by government to boost teaching and learning of ICT.


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