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Region: Northern Region
Member of Paliament: Bennam, Jabaah John


The soil is very rich in nutrients which is, in part, responsible for the outstanding performance of the constituency in terms of agricultural out-put.

There are three main ethnic groups in the constituency and these are the Dagombas, Konkombas and Bassares. Smaller groups like the Hausas, Battors, Kotokolis, Kabres and Fulanis also live in the constituency. In some Communities, Chiefs see to the administration and political issues in their people and in others elders see to it.
The family is the microcosm of the people of the constituency where compound life incorporates many family members. Members of the family play a critical role in transmitting to the child the culture based moral values and beliefs of the family, and community. Polygamous marriages are pronounced in the constituncy. 
Among some ethnic groups in the constituency a mother was betrothed to her potential husband at tender age. Betrothal of girls by their parents before birth was a common practice.The Dagombas in the constituency celebrate the Damba, Fire and Eid festivals, whiles the Bassares and Konkombas celebrate the yam and Christmas festivals.

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