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Duties of an MP

The responsibilities of your MP

Your MP will generally do everything he or she can to help constituents but will not feel able to support every cause, nor will they be able to get the desired solution to every individual problem. Members may not be willing to support one constituent if in doing so they will deprive another.

At times a constituent's demands may conflict with party policy and your MP will have to decide where their first loyalty should lie. The Member may think that, in any case, a majority of constituents would support the party policy - after all that is likely to be one of the reasons why they elected him or her.

There is no statutory job description for MPs-
The Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament, the latest version of which was agreed to by the House is the nearest approximation. The purpose of the Code is “to assist Members in the discharge of their obligations to the House, their constituents and the public at large”. You can view the Code on the Parliament website or purchase a hard copy from the Stationery Office.

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