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Duties of an MP

What can your MP do to help you?


If your problem is not local in nature (such as assembly tax, or local social services, or day to day problems in schools) but instead concerns central government policies (such as the National Health Insurance Scheme, Revenue and Customs who collect the bulk of tax, Social Security who deal with issues such as benefits, pensions etc.) then you should contact your Member of Parliament. 

Much of the detailed implementation of policy such as regulations and bye-laws can and should be taken to Assembly Members rather than Members of Parliament.Your MP is not there to help you in private disputes with neighbours, with an employer, with family matters or with companies who have sold you faulty goods; nor can they interfere with decisions made by courts. 

Constituents often take a problem to their MP because they do not know who else could help them.  MPs are very generous at giving help and advice and will often have a local party office at their constituency to help those constituents whose problems are connected with his or her duties. 



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