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2017 - 2021 (7th Parliament)

Baani, Abudu Nelson

Constituency: Daboya/Mankarigu
Region: Northern Region
Party: NDC
Occupation/Profession: Varied Profession
Parliamentary Seat: majority

Date of birth: October 4, 1962
Hometown: Daboya, Northern Region
Highest Education: BA (Publishing Studies) KNUST 2006.
Profession: Public Servant (Customs Officer)
Last Employment: Senior Collector, Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Authority.
Marital Status: Married (with five Children)
Religion: Islam
Votes Obtained: 8,275 votes out of the 15,376 valid votes cast=53.82%.  Others: Tika Samuel Yeyu (NPP) 6,672=43.39%, Mohammed Sulemana (PPP) 199=1,29%, Alidu Mahama (CPP) 137=0.89,  Hamza A. Mugis (PNC) 64=0.2% and Alhassan Sammed Sualisu (NDP) 29=0.19%.


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