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2017 - 2021 (7th Parliament)

Donkoh, Elvis Morris

Constituency: Abura /Asebu/ Kwamankese
Region: Central Region
Party: NPP
Occupation/Profession: Development Worker/Architect/Quantity Surveyor
Parliamentary Seat: majority
Date of Birth: February 25, 1983
Hometown: Asebu, Central Region
Highest Qualification: Post Graduate Diploma (Quality and Project Management), University Business of Cosata Rica
Last Employment: Executive Director, Alliance for Youth Development, Cape Coast
Marital Status: Married (with three children)
Religion: Christianity (Seventh-Day Adventist)
Votes Obtained: 22,245 votes = 22,245 votes out of the 44,385 valid votes cast=50.65%. Others: Samuel Kweku Hayford (NDC) 20,508=46.69%, Clement Abaidoo (PPP) 1,054=2.40% and kwame Edu Ofori (PNC) 116=0.26%.

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