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2017 - 2021 (7th Parliament)

Bawa, Edward Abambire

Constituency: Bongo
Region: Upper East Region
Party: NDC
Occupation/Profession: Manager/Administrator/HR Practitioner
Parliamentary Seat: minority
Date of Birth:September 1, 1973
Hometown: Lungu-Bongo, Upper East Region
Highest Qualification: MA BUS. FIN.& MGT., University of Liverpool
Last Employment:Head of COmmunication, Oil and Gas Capacity Building Project of the Ministry of Petrolum, Accra
Marital Status:Marrried (With three children)
Religion: Christianity ( Catholic)
Votes Obtained: 18,442 votes out of the 39,451 valid votes cast = 47.94%. Others: Afari Geoge A-Engbinge (PPP) 12, 932=33.65%, Gaberial Nsoh Ade Agana (NPP) 6, 800=17.69% and Awillum Ebenerzer Awine (CPP) 259=0.67%

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