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Only five JHS in Sekyere Afram Plains District - MP

Member of Parliament for Sekyere Afram Plains, Alex Adomoko Mensah has bemoaned the lack of adequate educational facilities in the area.

He said the whole district has no Senior High School and can boast of only five Junior High Schools, a situation he said was adversely affecting education in the area.

He said in his bid to help promote education in the area, he has ensured that temporary structures have been built in areas that have no primary schools to ensure that children in the area have education in their formative years.Hon. Adomako Mensah stated that he was confident that the area could have at least 10 JHS by next year.

He noted that the absence of electricity in the area has also affected the academic performance of the students as they have no light to study in the evenings.

Hon. Adomako Mensah further stated that the extension of electricity to the area in his view would be considered as bonus, as the area does not have even the least of basic facilities such as roads, clinics and schools to make the residents comfortable.

He urged government through the District Assembly to come to their aid and provide them with their needs.

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