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Give civil servants same pegs as minister, and we\'ll cut our pay by 20% - Nitiwul

Deputy Minority Leader, Dominic Nitiwul has challenged President John Mahama to give civil servants the same allowances and pegs given to ministers for just three(3)following which the minority in Parliament will willingly slash their salaries by 20%.

According to him, the conditions of service enjoyed by the ministers such as exemption for paying utility bills, free fuel, a cook, two cars among others if given same to civil servants will make them relieved enough even when they cut their pay.

The deputy Minority Leader’s comment comes in the wake of President John Mahama’s justification of his decision to cut him and his appointees pay by 10% to be channelled into building more health cenres, describing it as a demonstration of “leadership by example”.

Instead of criticising the austere measure, the President challenged his critics to follow suit because Ghana would be better-off for that.

“I have heard some people scoff at our effort and ask ‘how much will that amount to?’ But imagine this; if all public sector employees followed our example and gave just 2% of their salaries to build CHIPS compounds, we’ll be able to build 2,000 CHIPS compounds across the country.”

However responding to the President’s challenge to workers on Asempa FM’s Eko sii sen programme on Monday, Hon. Dominic Nitiwul expressed surprise why the President would engage in such propaganda, adding that the President should know that there is a huge gap in the salaries of his appointees and that of other public sector workers.

“We are all working for the state, but the ministers get so many things free, we take bank loans to buy our own cars, but ministers enjoy so many freebees and you want other workers to cut their salaries like the ministers and other workers, is that fair? He asked.

He added that “the President should be told clearly that others cannot sacrifice as he wants them to, because they are not enjoying at the expense of the state like he’s doing”.

Kwadwo Anim/

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