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Heads of institutions to be surcharged---Dr Apaak

Heads of public institutions would be surcharged from next year when they are found wanting after the Auditor General had done its work and presented its report to Parliament.   

According to Dr. Clement Apaak, members of the Public Account Committee are delighted about this decision reached by the Auditor General of holding heads of institutions liable for any loss of resources.

Dr. Apaak noted in an interview that it is his expectation that this move would reduce to the barest minimum public resources that go waste as a result of both direct and indirect activities by heads of public institutions.

“We expect that those who have been entrusted resources would use them to the benefit of the people they serve”.

He further revealed that the Committee has experienced some tremendous changes, whiles working on the Auditor General’s report in the Northern and Middle belts.

Mistakes witnessed in the 2014 report are not repeated in the 2015 reports by same institutions and are working hard to conclude on the Auditor General’s report up to 2016 so that they can take up the 2017 report as soon as possible. 

“Generally some institutions are taking the Auditor Generals recommendations very seriously, live telecast of our sittings is also playing a good role and we expect to see massive improvement”.

 The coming into force of the Special Prosecutor would complement the fight, it is in our collective interest that we are able to protect the public purse. Resources that should go towards school feeding, building of roads, hospitals and water are truly used for that not end in private interest, he said.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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