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We don’t need Ministries to fund Government Assurance Committee--chairman

The chairman of the Government Assurance committee, Yaw Frimpong Addo has denied that lack of funds is delaying the committee to start work since the beginning of the seventh Parliament of the fourth republic.

His denial is however contrary to the view held by the ranking member of the committee, Emmanuel Bedzrah that work of the committee has not started because of lack of funds.  

According to the chairman, there is statutory for the committee and since it’s the Speakers committee, when the committee apply to the Speaker, they will get the needed fund by all means. 

He further revealed that Star Ghana, a civil society that usually supports the committee had indicated to the committee that there is a window of opportunity to support the committee even as they were not initially part of their plans.

“We will be defeating our purpose of oversight responsibility if we, go to the various Ministries we have to pursue to fund our activities, we have to rely on independent source of funding”, he said in an interview.   

Mr. Frimpong noted that if you are a chairman of such a committee you want to go a bit cautiously and pointed out that if you want to stampede some of these Ministries they may have different mind about you.  

“We had a similar experience in the 6th Parliament and it is a lesson that we are all learning from, do not ambush any Ministry let them know that this is what you are going to do looking at the budget how much allocation has been given to them, you will have a firm grounding to do our work”, he said.  

And pointed out that the committee is planning to move outside Accra for a field trip for monitoring whiles the House is on recess.  
By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ 

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