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Abandoned gallopers to be auction by government---Deputy Finance Minister

Deputy Minister of Finance, Kwaku Kwarteng has revealed that government would auction abandoned gallopers parked for eighteen years at the Local Government Institute. 

According to the Deputy Finance Ministers due to issues in court relating to those vehicles in the past made it difficult for customs and government to proceed to dispose of the vehicles, “a lot of those matters had been resolved now and the rate at which they are deteriorating   we have made a decision to dispose of them”.

In an interview with journalists in Parliament just after debate on the 2019 budget was brought to a close and the House adjourned, the noted that this exercise would be undertaken before the end of he year.

The vehicles numbering 86 were brought in to be used by District Chief Executives across the country under the Rawlings administration.

Successive governments thereafter failed to reach an amicable settlement with the importers of the vehicles, African Automobile Company Limited for them to be used.

 “Given the rate at which those vehicles are deteriorating, we have made a decision to dispose of them and that the government is looking to do that before the year ends”.

“I can confirm the decision to dispose of the vehicles has been made and we will do so. All of us are concerned that the mere presences of those vehicles suggest to tax payers that their monies won’t be put to good use”, he lamented. 

 He indicated that government feels extremely concerned about that and it is the reason they are taking steps to ensure that those vehicles are disposed of as soon as possible.

He further pointed out that since duties have not been paid on the abandon vehicles government could come under the customs Act to dispose of them as an overstay vehicle. 

By:  Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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