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Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso present report at ECOWAS Parliament

Three countries; Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso presented their country reports on the day four of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament First Ordinary session for this year of the fourth legislature.

Sani Glele Yiatou who presented report of the Republic of Benin touched on political situation, security function of the National Maritime Safety Commission, human rights situation, defending the rights of women, free movement of persons and goods, combating corruption, money laundering among others.
It stated disclosed to the community Parliament that it organized legislative elections across the country and the results have been announced by the constitutional court. 

Mr. Sani Glele Yibatou further told the House new charter of political parties was introduced which led to politicians regrouping under new parties by merging to form big parties capable of winning and governing the country.

He further pointed out that the law on representation of women in political administrative bodies is currently before the MPs for adoption.

The law could make it mandatory for women to constitute thirty five percent of the numbers of these different bodies. Several workshops had been organized to determine legal means of achieving greater representation of women in Parliament and in other constitutional institutions. 

Again several refugee settlement sites can be found all over the country and Benin is in good relations with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Council of Expatriate Beninese.
He further revealed that Benin is among countries that are almost always up to date with their community levy remittance, and the interim report of the financial controller attests to that.

Next to present its country report was Togo, where it was reported on the floor of the House that political tension that prevailed in the last quarter of last year (December 20, 2018) has reduced after the legislative elections. 

The Togolese delegation extended its deepest gratitude to the ECOWAS Parliament and Speaker Mustapha Cisse Lo for the valuable contributions towards easing the political crisis in Togo. 

Last country to present its report for the day was Burkina Faso which lamented over the security situation in the country, pointing out acts of extreme violence since 2015.

The report revealed that some of the despicable acts that undermine the peace and security of persons and properties in the country include deadly attacks and destruction of public buildings, abductions and kidnappings sometimes followed by summary executions.

“Assassination of government representatives, attacks on national arm force units defence, security and paramilitary forces”.  

Mr. Sakande Benao K. Reine Bertille who presented the country’s report  told the sub-regional community Parliament that the effects of the insecurity situation is that it is affecting the very togetherness and gradually eroding some fundamental values.

“We have intolerance developed in our country, hospitality and peaceful cohabitation within communities eroding, leading to recent community conflicts, including that those in Yirgou, Arbinda”.

He further pointed out that terrorist attack and inter-community conflicts have compelled about fifty-thousand persons to flee their communities, as government with the support of UNICEF and other partners are providing the necessary care for displaced persons.

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