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I would not blame the media for bad image for Parliament---Adaklu MP

Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Kwame Agbodza has come to the defense of the media that they should not be blamed for the misconception and bad image Ghanaians have about lawmakers in the wake of the brouhaha surrounding, building of the new chamber.

According to the Adaklu lawmaker, previously, the media was faulted, but pointed out that the media was briefed about the project four times and the issue went out, when MPs had not yet been briefed on the matter.  

“What you have reported and no one has told us anything and we hear the issue of the building of the new chamber in the media”.

Again the chairman of the ruling government and former first Deputy Speaker, Fredrick Blay in an interview with the media said the new chamber issue has been dropped temporary to be built later.

“We are still waiting; because when you talk they tell you we would be informed, that they would brief us and the public is not happy with the way it had been handled, we do not fault them, they think MPs took a decision to build a new chamber for themselves, but they are not aware MPs never took that decision”.

Mr. Kwame Agbodza lamented and said this is a decision taken at some level of the Parliamentary Service Board, the “Public need to be more descending in this matter, MPs have nothing to do with it, I am not surprised with the resistance put up by the public”.

On the issue of a lawmaker jumping traffic and getting bashing from the public, he added in an interview that he is told MPs are not above the law, “I am a public figure if I drive I should not jump the traffic I should be in the traffic till it is my turn”.

“Little things are starting to infuriate the public, let us face it we should take this into account as lawmakers before the public lose faith in us, as I say Parliament is the only thing showing you have a democracy”.

He further pointed out that even in Saudi Arabia there is Judiciary and the Executive and what is missing is Parliament and even in autocratic states you have the Executive and the Judiciary, what you do not have is the Legislature.

“If I cannot be in a place where people have faith in our democracy then we are heading towards jeopardy”, he lamented.   

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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