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“Selfish elements within NPP and NDC kicking against election of MMDCEs”---Cheremeh

Member of Parliament for Sunyani East, Kwesi Amenyaw Cheremeh  has said “selfish” elements within the ruling New Patriotic Party government  (NPP) and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), are the ones kicking against election of  Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) in Ghana.

 According to the Majority Chief Whip the two dominant political parties have had the opportunity of ruling the country since, the return to democratic rule.

“These selfish elements think once they had worked for the party and it is elected and they have lost their Parliamentary bid or are chairman of the party they want to be Chief Executives of the various Assemblies”. 

He added that now that the process has started for way to be paved for elections they are resisting it, knowing that with elections in a particular constituency either the NPP or NDC is strong and they cannot be victorious when election is conducted.

But same people forget that in Parliament NPP does not have 275 members same with the NDC,   no political party can win all the constituencies in this country, there are certain communities in our country which would like to vote for either an NPP, NDC, CPP or  PNC person as a Chief Executive.

Elections in Ghana have shown that in some constituencies, we vote “skirt and blows”; they vote for a Presidential candidate but vote against his MP and the other way round.

Mr. Cheremeh further added that it shows the level of maturity Ghanaians have gotten, “why does one party that does not win hundred percent of votes want to control all the districts in Ghana, today it is NPP tomorrow it would be NDC and a day after CPP, PNC or PPP”.  

Again, nobody should ever think they can control power in perpetuity, it would never happen one day you would be out of government, you would then say I should have taken advantage of the opportunity to do the right thing, he said.
Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/  

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