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“We did not have the political will to change our capital”---B. T. Baba

As discussions on whether to move the capital of Ghana, from Accra to a different location keeps  surfacing ahead of election 2020, Talensi lawmaker,  Benson Tongo Baba has said the nation lacks the political will to move the capital. 
According to the former Ghana Prisons Director, moving the capital from Accra is long overdue as the nation lost the initiative at the time that it should have taken the issue into consideration.

“We did not have the political will to do it, our capital was Cape Coast moved to Accra and at a point in time Ghanaians said we should move it to Kintampo the centre of Ghana, others said Koforidua”.

In an  interview, he pointed out that if the country had taken such a bold decision that time we would not have had everybody drifting to Accra, adding that there are a lot of land litigations coupled with a lot of sanitation problems as well as lack of space in the capital, Accra.

In addition, places in Accra that people said were remote places have become well developed and added that the sooner Ghana considers it the better and if it should be an issue ahead of election 2020. it all however  bothers on money.

Mr. Benson Tongo Baba further argued that Nigeria was able to move its capital from Lagos because as at the time it took that decision it has oil money to support the move and added that sadly this time round movement of a capital cannot be done with only oil money.

“You need to include other sources of revenue and the movement should be done gradually by moving certain departments to the preferred location and gradually we would be developing it”. 

He cautioned that as a nation we should not take a hasten decision at one goal, but the movement should be done gradually but it all depend on the vision of the political leadership.

We should not take a hasten decision that at one goal we should move, it would create a problem, but when we should start depends on leadership and their vision, he said.

“This issue is very important and we should keep the debate and discussion on, there should be a national conversation of the issue”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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