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Contesting two term MPs depends on if they are performing---Oquaye Junior

As experts have complained about attrition rate in Ghana’s Legislature weakening the House, Ghana’s Ambassador to India, Michael Oquaye Junior agrees to the expert opinion.    

According to him it’s very true if you look in terms of the individuals, but was quick to put out that at the same time the person was chosen by the delegates and if after one or two terms one goes to Parliament and not perform the same delegates need to make a decision. 
“That is by the standards of the delegates. They have every right to change you, let us not forget that the current Dome/Kwabenya MP Adowa my sister contested a founder of the party in Dome/Kwabenya, Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye just after one term”.

In an interview on Saturday June 20, 2020, he pointed out that he is contesting the current MP again just after two terms because like the Akan’s say, the seat has become vacant and the royals are competing, “I am also a royal in the NPP so we would see what the delegates decide in the long round”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/  

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