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Gender activist should push for spousal right to be put on front burner---Osei Kyei

Majority Leader, Osei-Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has challenged gender activities to push for spousal right to be put on the front burner instead of always pushing for the Affirmative Action Bill. 
According to him on daily basis spouses suffer and fall victim and nobody is concerned despite constitutional provisions. 

At a media encounter when the issue of Affirmative Action Bill was questioned at what stage it was, he noted that spousal right is imperative in the 1992 constitution and provision has been made to the effect that  as soon as it is approved and as soon as practicable Parliament must enact an Act on it.  

And despite that for so many years as a nation it has not really been activated, the question is “why is Article 22 clauses 2 and 3 property rights of spouses not being obeyed”. 

He quoted Article 22, “Parliament shall as soon as practicable after the coming into force of this constitution enact legislation regulating the property rights of spouses and (2) with the view of achieving the full relisation of the full right of it referred to in clause (3)  (A) spouses shall have equal right to property jointly acquired during marriage (B) properties   acquire during marriage shall be distributed equitably between the spouses during the desolation of marriage”.

He further pointed out that marriages are being dissolved, persons die leaving their spouses and child and, on daily basis there are negative impacts without the existent of persons on families and nobody is talking about that.

And added that it is like a knee jerk solutions where worldwide the talk is about affirmative action, so everybody has jumped on to that. “I am not saying it is not relevant, it is relevant but there is a constitutional imperative, why is nobody talking about it now?”

He further emphasis that the gender activist should focus on that as people make will that should equitably distribute their assets  but surviving children are left not taken care of, same with surviving spouse.

 “They become impoverished too soon and we do not think we should talk about this matters,  I think spouses right is equally important if not more important than the Affirmative Action Bill”.

 A Committee is handling the bill and engaging stakeholders in consultation as some of the stakeholders have raised initial issues.  
Government has requested that the sector Minister for Gender Children and Social Protection does thorough consultation for thorny issues on the bill to be reduced to bearer’s minimum. “I have not finished with my own consideration”.

He pointed out that he has so many issues engaging his attention at a Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and on two occasions the sector Minister had enquired at what stage he is with is consideration of the bill.   

“We all recognize that we have to act with some considerable speed on that matter,  whiles at that I have said the Affirmative Bill is really necessary but spousal right to property is very important”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/    

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