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Ghana needs to spend between GHc 5.5 - 7b for five years to improve roads ---Agbodza

Ranking Member on Road and Transport, Governs Kwame Agbodza has said for the nation to have its road problems addressed, the country would have to spend between five point five to seven billion Ghana cedis for the next five year on roads.

According to him, ahead of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections road issues would strongly come up.

Again, afro barometer studies and those conducting research have started bringing up issues on roads indicating the views of Ghanaians on the matter.   

He further pointed out in an interview that where he stays, the roads are, “so so bad, government has not done anything about the roads despite coming out to say this year is a year of roads”. 

“Every government makes intervention when it comes to road but this government has decided to ignore the road sector. Again it suspended many road contracts which were already ongoing claiming they were doing investigation, two and half years many of the roads have not been done”.

He noted that capping of the road fund has taken away two point four billion Ghana cedis from 2018 till date, and that is a very significant amount of money that could have been utilized for road maintenance.
 Mr. Agbodza emphasized that during the time of the previous administration, they asphalted most of the regional capital  roads to the extent that various districts benefited from it.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/  

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