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Bedzrah scores Committees of the 7th Parliament 5/10

Ranking Member on the Committee for Works and Housing, Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzrah has scored the 7th Parliament of the fourth Legislature of the fourth Republic 5/10. 

According to him the Committees in the 7th Parliament of the fourth Republic have not done well at all in their performance, adding the performance has been, “abysmal”.

 He further lamented over political interference of the Committees work haven been a chairman of the Government Assurance Committee in the sixth Parliament. “There were times that you want to hold public hearing but impediment would be put on your way. In the seventh Parliament we have not had any public hearing to look at assurance given by Ministers”.

This does not pertain only to the Government Assurance Committee but other Committees to, and added that lawmakers should decide who becomes a chairman of a Committee instead of the political parties deciding on that.

Mr. Bedzrah further called for the review of the standing orders being worked on to take into account having a chairman coming from the Majority side of the House and Vice Chairman coming from the Minority side of the House and giving specific roles that the Chairman the Vice have to play.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/  

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