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Appiagyei advices the youth to use the internet for profitable

 Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa, Patricia Appiagyei has said most Ghanaian youth do not use the internet on things that would benefit them but rather on pornography, fraud and others non-useful activities.

According to her the internet is a tool that can be of great help to life if put to good use but the youth would rather sit and cry for being unemployed. 

She noted in an interview that, the internet can change the mind set of people to become creative by feeding the brain with an innovative ideas for one to become successful if used in a proper manner.
The MP stressed that, most Ghanaians have the mindset that, it is only government that is supposed to give  employment to the people but that is  not it, there are other areas where the youth can explore to create employment for themselves and to generate income by putting  what is thought in schools to a practical use.

“As long as the youth keep using the internet for watching pornography, gossiping, defrauding and many corrupt practices, the best side of the internet would not be obtained”.

The MP further explained that, there are both positive and negative activities of the internet and therefore called on Ghanaians youth especially to use the internet for something positive in order to bring development to themselves and the country at large.

She advised the ladies to develop themselves with the internet, instead of watching styles of dresses and the guys also using it for watching the shapes of women online.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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