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“We should be liberated to do private bill and not only private members bill”---Osei-Kyei

The issue of introduction of a private members bill has once again become topical and lawmakers are pushing that they have such opportunity to introduce it in the House.   

According to Majority Leader, Osei-Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, the House should be liberated to have private bills which would address issues in constituencies and not only push for private members bill. 

He further pointed out that the Speaker is not an MP, and he can only give a ruling when the matter of private members bill comes up for a firm decision to be taken on the floor of the House. “So the Minority Leader and myself are working on something like that for the speaker to give a ruling”.

 He further pointed out that the House has been handling Public Bills and educated members of the media at a media encounter that there is a difference between a private members bill and a public bill.

“COVID-19 Bill was from the Executive and not charged on the consolidated fund, Major Mahama Bill is a private members bill and was fashioned out by the House. The private bill goes to address issues in our constituencies, example like a broken bridge that needs to be worked out”. 

 He emphasized that the revised Standing Orders has private and private members bill “in-bedded in it”, and would be laid this week. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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