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Building a new capital would not resolve flooding; we need change of attitude---Agbodza

Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Governs Kwame Agbodza has said to address the perennial flooding in Accra, building of a new capital would not resolve it rather there is the need for change in attitude.

According to him the six new regions created by the current government should be allocated funds to ensure they are well planned.

“So that by the time the new regions get chocked like Accra there would be a master plan to expand to meet the increasing population. But guess what there is nothing like that, as an architect development is going on unplanned”, he lamented.  

In an interview, he noted that as a country our problems are sixty percent human error and forty percent other things that had made most of our cities unable to deal with flooding and other things.

“I asked the Works and Housing Minister how much government has devoted to addressing  flooding as the rains set in,  he said he could not give a rough figure on top of his head, so what has we been dealing with over the years?”

Again, instead of getting a new capital, we should introspectively deal with reconfiguration of our city, when there is flooding you see old television sets, refrigerators, old plastic chairs, it is all human behaviors, he stated.

“If you go and plan a new city those who created the bad practices in Accra would go and do that in the new capital, the question I ask again is can we afford a new city?”

Mr. Agbodza further stated that he is a conservative and admires old cities, citing London as an example, he said they built new things but never knock down old city London down, simply because they can afford new things.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/  

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