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Presidency, Bryan sponsored defeat of Acheampong Opare and Assibey ---A. B. Fusinie

Sagnarigu lawmaker, Bashir Fuseini Alhassan has taken a swipe at Bryan Acheampong and the Presidency for using money to cause the defeat of Mr. Frederick Opare-Ansah, Seth Acheampong and Dr. Mark Assibey-Yeboah in last the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Primaries held last Saturday.

According to him, Dr. Assibey worked hard to ensure the current government had its loan approved, same with hard working Chairman of the Communications Committee, Opare-Ansah and Seth Acheampong. 

“They were targeted by the presidency and they used Bryan to ensure their defeat. It is so shameful the way money was used. They have reduced our democracy to the highest bidder, we should say it as it is and it is not a secret”, he revealed in an interview. 

Mr. A. B. A. Fusinie was so emotional about the way and manner the three lawmakers were handled in their primaries and questioned, “Who should do the work for government to benefit?” The three gentlemen cannot speak, we have to speak for them”. 

“Do we need first timers to come and do the work that has taken years for the three to attain, they would spend four years to learn the rudiments of Parliament, they should have been given fair playing ground”.

Again, Bantama MP, Mr. Daniel Okyem Aboagye revealed that in an internal election there was a BNI operative participating in the elections and asked what would happen in a general election? “Delegates should have been allowed to decide who becomes the candidate ahead of this year’s election”. 

He expressed further worry over the way and manner some were not respecting the COVID-19 protocols and feared that the numbers might go up since the country is almost around the fifteen thousand range.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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