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Minority condemns massive deployment of military along strongholds of the NDC

The Minority on the Defense and Interior Committee of Ghana’s Parliament have expressed serious reservation over the massive deployment of military personnel along the borders of the Volta, Oti, Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions. 

According to the Ranking Member of the Committee, James Agalga, this is done most especially at the strong holds of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and it is unacceptable.

“In the wake of the upcoming voter registration exercise this is geared towards intimidating our teaming supporters. This unprovoked deployment is a scheme by government to scare away our supporters from getting their name on the voters register”.  

Mr. Agalga addressing the media just after adjournment in Parliament on Friday pointed out that the Electoral Commission has decided to compile a new register despite admonition against the exercise.

The Minority indicated that they were by the press conference drawing the attention of all peace loving people in the country, to the unacceptable development.   

Again, he pointed out that the Minority are aware that in the wake of terrorist attack in neighboring Burkina Faso, the military was deployed code name operation conquest feet, but asked a fundamental question if the second deployment is as a result of external aggression?

“We are calling on President Akufo-Addo, enough is enough he should call for the immediate withdrawal of the military at the frontier borders at the Oti, Volta, Upper East and West and the Northern Regions”. 

Mr. James Agalga when question on his view about the Volta Regional Minister pointing out that the deployment has to do with COVID-19 noted that, “it is shameful, the Minister should not be making such comments; we know why they have deployed the military, Togo I hear have lower cases than us”. 

In any case the government COVID-19 team that addressed us in Parliament few days back, they never mentioned anything about deployment of military people at our frontiers because of the pandemic.  

“Why was the deployment not done in March and do we need to deploy the military whiles we have the immigration at our borders, unless there is a threat beyond their capacity then we would have the military?”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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