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Haruna urges IGIs to act to preserve their integrity and independence

Member of Parliament for Tamale South and Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu has urged Independent Governance Institutions to act in a manner that would preserve their integrity and independence.

He recounted his experience with the Electoral Commission two weeks ago when he said they had engaged in procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their staff and not factor in electorates who would be participating in the voter registration exercise. 

“I was told I was peddling falsehood and they took me to the cleaners. How can they win my respect as an ordinary Ghanaian and Minority Leader when the issue I was speaking about was right? And I would be right for the next century if God would judge me, they were procuring (PPEs), they use government money to buy PPE but were questioning my integrity without basis”. 

Mr. Iddrisu emphasised that when the EC appeared before the Special Budget Committee he questioned where they got the authority to buy the PPEs because it was not part of their budget last year December but they could not give immediate answer. 

The Minority Leader was speaking at a forum that brought together Independent Governance Institutions ahead of this year’s elections organised by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in Accra.

 Touching on the National Media Commission (NMC), he noted that they are not adequately funded as they appear before Parliament even in their 2020 budget they do not have guidelines on  local language for the local radio stations which is dominating the country’s communication space. 

Ahead of this year’s election monitoring of radio stations across the country the minimum budget requirement for NMC has not been met for them to be able to measure their ability to insulate the state media from government control six month into this year’s elections, he stated. 

“How do they monitor election reportage and how do they monitor that the political parties are given fair access across the state own media as they are required under Article 162?” 

“Recruitment of party agents into the security agencies does not give me comfort as we talk about peaceful elections. You have a group that was threatening the NPP Ministers, they have found their way into the security agencies, where would their loyalty be to the state, the political party that got them there or to the government?

He further expressed disappointment at the entrenched position taken by the two dominate political parties which he noted has not been helpful in the process leading to the compilation of a new voters register. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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