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President is in breach of Act 845 section seven --- Haruna

Leader of the NDC caucus in parliament, Haruna Iddrisu is demanding that President Nana Akufo-Addo respect Act 845 section 7 of the Presidential transition Act 2012, which requires that a handing over notes be provided thirty days to the presidential election. “We demand that is made available to Parliament”, he emphasised.

According to him the President is not complying with the Act and is in breach of it despite the fact that Article 58 of the 1992 Constitution mandates him to enforce the laws of Ghana, which further means he has the responsibility to respect the laws of Ghana.
At a media briefing on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 shortly after the House started sitting, he pointed out that the president forming a transitional team in itself was not enough,  as he has specific responsibility to undertake in Section 7 of the Presidential Transition Act. 

“All Ministries, Agencies, Government Department and public institutions of state are to prepare handing over notes, in addition requires the Administrator General does so. Anyway do you know who has been appointed as the Administrator General, I leave that for you the media”

Mr. Iddrisu addressing the media lamented that as he speaks, Parliament has no records of handing over notes and they demand that it is made available to enable the House play its oversight role.
He said parliament needs that record as the House is preparing to constitute the Appointment Committee for this year’s vetting of scrutinizing Ministers that would be appointed by President Nana Akufo-Addo. And hinted that the 8th Parliament’s vetting of Ministers would no longer be about CVs.
“We can go into the records of persons who have exercised the authority as Ministers, Deputies and heads of institutions, and we do not find it legally acceptable that the president is in breach of Act 845, in the interest of transparency and accountability” 

Act 845 section seven, “(1) the Administrator-General shall make available to the person elected as President the original copies of the handing over notes. (2) of five other copies (a) the Administrator-General shall retain one copy, and (b) one copy shall be sent respectively to  (i) Parliament (ii) the chief justice (iii) the council of state, and  (iv) the public records and archives administration department”
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