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MPs are now pivot around which development revolves---Gidisu

Member of Parliament for Krachi East, Wisdom Gidisu said lawmakers are now the pivot around which development revolves in the constituencies as they have oversight responsibilities to initiate development.  

According to him lawmakers are not development agents, but currently they are the pivot around which everything revolves.

?We are seen in the constituencies as development agents, so who are you to tell them that you cannot do ABC and cannot initiate anything to be done for them, then you are finished?? 

Speaking in an interview when asked if MPs are pressured by the development, he responded in the affirmative, and said it cannot be done away with, adding it is a necessity so far as one assumes leadership role.  

?Even in our homes pressures would come as a leader, so we are managing the pressures small, small in the constituencies?, he assured. 

He further pointed out that currently he is embarking on a "Thank You Tour" in his constituency both with the inland and island communities for the good work they have done by electing him. 

And further noted that, with the vetting going on as soon as the various Ministers-designate assume office, he would move to lobby for projects for his constituency and now that elections are over his people should come together and  work to move Krachi East forward. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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