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21st January, 2021 - President is in breach of Act 845 section seven --- Haruna
21st January, 2021 - Humado calm fears of colleagues on election of MPs to ECOWAS Parliament
21st January, 2021 - Speaker, Minority must respect us as Majority caucus---Afenyo Markin
21st January, 2021 - Parliament approves composition of Business and Appointment Committees
19th January, 2021 - MPs in ECOWAS Parliament must get use to virtual session---Humado
19th January, 2021 - “We don’t have difficulty sitting on the left of the Speaker” ---Haruna
18th January, 2021 - “We would form the proper Majority in few months time---Avedzi
18th January, 2021 - NDC has 136 seats in real terms---Afenyo Markin
18th January, 2021 - Speaker is doing well by applying the rules---Deputy Opposition Leader
18th January, 2021 - Ayariga calls for scraping of fees for 2021 academic year in tertiary institutions
17th January, 2021 - Parliament won't be a 'rubber stamp” or obstructive body - Speaker
17th January, 2021 - No NPP Speaker or NDC Speaker - Bagbin
17th January, 2021 - Avedzi served notice of his side to oppose ratio 13 NPP to 12 NDC of Committees
17th January, 2021 - Parliament approves Committee of Selection
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