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27th July, 2020 - ECOWAS Commission President Pledges support to Parliament
27th July, 2020 - Delay in payment of Community levy has to do with commitment---Kofi Humado
26th July, 2020 - Duties of MPs should not be restricted to holding of meetings --- Tunis
26th July, 2020 - Eight Ministers to answer twenty questions this week one same with
26th July, 2020 - Eight new members of the 5th ECOWAS Parliament sworn in
26th July, 2020 - Parliament debates Mid-year supplementary budget on Monday
23rd July, 2020 - It is now clear the countries lagging behind in paying the ECOWAS levy ---Kofi Humado
23rd July, 2020 - Educational Integration: ECOWAS seeks to harmonize academic curriculum certificates
23rd July, 2020 - COVID-19 Fight: Parliament impressed with measures taken by Heads of States---Speaker
23rd July, 2020 - Community Court President laments over not receiving referrals
21st July, 2020 - ECOWAS Parliament debuts virtual session to consider referrals
21st July, 2020 - “Gov’t wastes our time and put us at risk in Parliament”---Agbodza
21st July, 2020 - “It is not COVID-19 making ECOWAS Parliament think outside the box”---Ayariga
21st July, 2020 - “Turn my nomination enthusiasm into reality” - NDC running mate
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