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Botwe, Daniel

Constituency: Okere
Region: Eastern Region
Party: NPP
Occupation/Profession: ICT Specialist
Parliamentary Seat: minority

Date and place of birth

Dan Kwaku Botwe was born in February 26, 1958 to the parents from Anum-Boso and Abiriw in the Eastern Region. Hon. Daniel Kwaku Botwe had his elementary education at the Presbyterian Primary and Middle Schools at Mabang in the Ahafo- Ano District of the Ashanti Region.


He proceeded to Kumasi Academy where he obtained his G.C.E O level certificate. He continued to Achimota School for his sixth form in 1977, from where he returned to Kumasi and read for the Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

Student Leader

Dan’s political experience spans almost a generation, a period more than  half his age, making him a perfect combination of the dynamism and modernity that comes with youth, and the rich and measured
decision-making that comes with age .As national secretary of the Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) for the 1982-1983 academic year, at the advent of the awesome and awful PNDC revolution, his exemplary
display of the courage, tact and dynamism, formed the fulcrum of the violent altercations that the universities and other tertiary institutions had with the totalitarian regime. His ultimate penalty was  exile alongside other Ghanaians in La Cote D’Ivoire.

The politically active liberal democrat that he is, Dan was among the foremost to brave the terrifying political environment in the late eighties and the early nineties to assist in the formation of the Danquah-Busia Club which eventually metamorphosed into the New Patriotic Party. In clear appreciation of his commitment and dedication to the party, he was appointed the National Treasurer of the Youth Wing of the party. In 1996, he was made the director of Operations and Research at the National Headquarters. It must be noted that the NPP constitution had no place for the position of a national organizer at the time, therefore he had to combine the duties of these two offices; a responsibility he discharged with exceptional dispatch.


Dan Botwe worked as a computer analyst at the Ghana cocoa board from 1985 to 1993 before moving into a private business. His natural managerial skills have brought him immense success as a businessman. He was once the Director of Danmaud Limited. This massive administrative experience and ability have culminated in major political breakthroughs, the basis for which he stakes calm for the NPP flagbearership, the presidency of nation Ghana.


From 1998, when he took office as General Secretary of the party, Dan Dotwe provided the leadership and direction that transformed the party, energizing its constituency structures by encouraging party faithful to work mostly without pay in various constituency offices across the country.
Certainly an insider now, combining his knowledge of the party system with the infusion of new and dynamic ideas, Dan took the management and organization of the NPP to new level. He traversed the length and breadth of the country. His sincerity, personal, touch and inspiration, so moved the foot-soldiers that while allowances delayed or even sometimes did not come at all, they were zealous in their sacrifice to move the party forward.

Little wonder this symbiotic relationship between him and the foot-soldiers has survived all these years. Dan Botwe’s drive, organization, skills, and passion, coupled with the selfless sacrifice and effort provided by others in the party, culminated in the demise of the NDC in the 2000 general elections.
In 2008 as a parliamentary candidate for the NPP, he obtained 11,974 votes out of the 19,684 total votes cast representing 60.8% to win the Okere seat for the opposition NPP.


During his tenure of office as Director of Operation and Research, he among others attended several courses on political leadership and party organization in Ghana, South Africa, Europe and the Republic of Korea. As demonstration of the party’s confidence in him, he was chosen  to represent the NPP on the Inter–Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) at the electoral commission .in 1996 again; he was made the NPP’s accredited representative in the commission’s operations room, where election results from various constituencies were received.

His experiences in these two instances spurred him on to the pursue position of the General Secretary of the NPP which would adequately furnished him with the requisite oversight authority and power to deal with the vexed questions of how to handle the electoral issues to ensure a truly level politically field. Against all odds, he contested and defeated a field that comprises some known stalwarts of the party.


Strangely, but quite in tune with his character Dan Botwe politely decline a ministerial appointment in January 2001,offered  by His Excellency the President and chose instead to remain in the party to work
to strengthen its base to ensure further electoral successes.

Minister for Information

It is imperative to the state here, that by convention as General Secretary of the party, from 2001 to 2004, even before he became a Cabinet Minister, Dan Botwe sat in Cabinet meetings, and for the intelligent and outspoken person that he is, he asked questions and gained deep insight into the inner workings of the government.
–Remember the business of government is done mainly in Cabinet.


As a Minister for Information, he also asked for the employment of 500 persons to help boost government information delivery and the image of the party. He spoke for the party at all times. He had excellent rapport  with all media both print and electronic. He was head of the research and strategy committee, at the NPP headquarters the position he last held in the Party before becoming a Member of Parliament of Okere Constituency. He also doubles as the party’s Director of Campaign Strategy for New Patriotic Party.


Dan’s five good years of active participation in Cabinet proceedings, enormously enriched his knowledge and experience in matters of policy development, formulation and implementation at the very highest level. Later as Minister for Information, he observed that the information Service Department which was a major tool for propagating government’s achievement had not more than 30 working vehicles nationwide. He lobbied  Cabinet to secure approval for the 150 information service vans for the department. He also secured approval for 10 vehicles for the GNA across the country.

Marriage and Religion

Hon. Dan Kwaku Botwe is married with 3 children, a Christian with the Presbyterian denomination.
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