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Opong-Fosu, Akwasi

Constituency: Amenfi East
Region: Western Region
Party: NDC
Occupation/Profession: Varied Profession
Parliamentary Seat: majority

Date of Birth:     February 1, 1958

Hometown:       Afransie, Western Region

Highest Education:  MSc (Public Policy and Management), University of London, 2002   

Profession:   Local Government Practitioner.

Last Employment:  Local Government Service, Accra

Marital Status:  Married (with four children)

Religion:   Christianity (Word Miracle Church International)

Votes Obtained:  26,134 votes out of the 51,406 valid votes cast = 50.84%. Others: Joseph Boahen Aidoo (NPP) 24,457 = 4.58%, Alfred Jeremiah Owusu (PPP) 401 = .078%, Francis Obeng (NDP) 292 = 0.57% and Godfrey Appiah Kubi (pnc) 122 = 0.24%




The constituency is located in the middle part of the Western Region of Ghana. It lies between latitudes 5, 30` N, 6, 15` N, longitudes 1, 45` W, and 2, 11` W. It has an estimated total land area of about 16000 square kilometers; about 8% of the size of the region.
It is bounded to the west by Wassa Amenfi West; to the East by Wassa East, to the North by Upper and Lower Denkyira and to the south by Tarkwa Nsuem constituency.
The constituency falls within the wettest part of the Country. Average annual rainfall ranges between 140 mm to 173 mm. Occasional extremes may reach 211 mm. There are two main rainfall regimes. The first one starts from March and ends in July. The second then starts from September to early part of December. Temperatures are generally high in most parts of the year ranging from 240 – 290 (750f – 830f). The maximum temperatures are experienced in March and the coolest month is August.
The interplay of heavy rainfall and soil types manifest itself in a thick vegetation cover. The semi-deciduous forest covers the northern part of the constituency, while the tropical rain forest is to the south where rainfall is heaviest. In between is the transitional zone.
The topography of the land is generally undulating with summits averaging 155m (500ft). There is a good network of rivers and streams. Notable are the Ashire and Manse. The volumes of these rivers and streams reduce considerably during dry seasons.
Most of the streams even dry out completely in dry seasons when they are mostly needed especially for farming purposes. The network of rivers and streams coupled with the heavy rainfall pattern makes road construction difficult and expensive.

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