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Pelpuo, Abdul-Rashid

Constituency: Wa Central
Region: Upper West Region
Party: NDC
Occupation/Profession: Development Worker/Architect/Quantity Surveyor
Parliamentary Seat: majority

Date of Birth: May 5, 1964
Hometown: Wa, Upper West Region
Highest Education: MA (International Affairs), UG, 1998
Profession: Development Consultant.
Last Employment: Human Resource CO-ordinator& Policy Analyst, Institute for Policy Alternatives; MP (January, 2005 to date 3rd term).
Marital Status:  Married (with five children).
Region: Islam
Votes Obtained: 28,149 votes out of the 60,235 valid votes cast = 46.73%. Others: TahiruIssahakuMoomin (NPP) 22,304 = 37.03%, Bernard A. Mornah (PNC) 6,202 = 10.30%, James K. Sohimwinye (PPP) 3, 150 = 5.23%, IssahaqueSuleman (CPP) 310=0.51% and IssahaqueAlhassan (NDP) 120 = 0.20%.

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