Minority Leader
November 28, 2022

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu said the post budget workshop organized for Members of Parliament (MPs) is their core function of playing an oversight role and they are the institution responsible for controlling the public purse. As such if there is any mandate for parliament, MPs must consider it very essential and critical.

According to him MPs have a duty to reflect the aspiration of Ghanaians; that is ordinary Ghanaians, businesses including the private sector and to take decisions that assure them that they care about them.

He further pointed out that, the Minister has shown candor in admitting that the economy is in crises, and he can only pray that it does not get worse. We are in crises and Parliament must help government to walk out of it; how do we do it remains a question. “We all must seek answers; as we engage today on Ghana’s economy and the 2023 budget statement”.

According to him, as he listened to the Finance Minister, it is clear that government is simply broke, and the economy is in crises and under life support that needs some resuscitation and some of the measures may provide the relief that the economy needs.

He questioned how placing a cup on employment into the public and civil service, helps address the unemployment level of our country, including solving the inequalities and ratio of pupil – teachers, doctors and nurses to the Ghanaian public.

Again, “minister when you say additionally there will not be printing of diaries, calendars and other promotional merchandise, MDAs MMDAs and SOEs and then the word is for 2024 why not 2023? So those who are in the process of procuring, stop them in other to save the public purse”

The Tamale South lawmaker further emphasized that they are not against the construction of a cathedral. Ghana is a circular state and republic which guarantee freedom of faith, freedom of region, but “when you make a budgetary allocation for the construction of a national cathedral at eight million Ghana cedis, “we would ask what is the total cost of that project; how were procurement under taken to assure value for money; what is the duration of the project; how much will it cost the state and when will the project be completed?”.

He noted that these are needful answers we will ask whiles we support it. “I see finally some pledge to reduce the E-Levy; we will subject it to some critical and thorough discussion and further consultation as a caucus in order to assist government to get out of its economic crises; but urged that there should be further consultation on e-levy.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com