December 4, 2018

Member of Parliament for Sawla-Tuna-Kalba, Dari Andrew Chiwetey has called on founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Rawlings to understand current times,   as the Party needs  the four hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GHc 400,000) filling fee to run the party elections.

According to the MP, if the founder has his way, flagbearer hopeful would have picked the forms for free.

“He should not forget that his time cannot be compared to today, they are not the same, as the clock ticks things have changed and should accept the fact that times have changed. We have to go by what is going on now if not, then the party would collapse”.

As to whether the views of Jerry John Rawlings that the amount is too much should not be taken on board, he said; “I have not said the views of the founder should not be taken on board, all I am saying is the pervious times cannot be compared to now”, he lamented.

Again those days, “people did not demand for money when they were going to vote and could offer  to walk for several kilometers, because we did not have means of transport, this time it is not like that”.

“Today if you want someone to walk thirty kilometers you would not get it, in my constituency  we have some voting center that are more than thirty kilometers to voting centers, you have to hire vehicles for them without it you would not get people to go out there to vote”.

He further pointed out that this are things that the founder should understand, we need him badly, we cannot say we do not need him, even the youngest person who register today is very important to the NDC.

Former President J.J Rawlings has expressed concern about the whopping increase in the filing fee for the presidential primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and called on the party’s National Executive Committee to take a second look at the decision.

The Founder of the NDC cautioned that certain actions or decisions could either be a reflection of the circumstances of the NDC’s birth or “mark a departure from where we are coming from as a party”.

“I doubt if anyone of us who has served with integrity, relying on our salaries can raise these filing fees unless we engaged in some unethical behaviour while in office; Unless we abused or misused our positions during our tenure,” the founder said.

The former President said with the aspirants having barely two weeks to raise the high amount, a perception may be created that the party is being handed over to the highest bidder.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/