November 7, 2017

Minister in charge of the Zongos’ and Inner Cities, Abu-Bakar Saddique Boniface has revealed that $60 million funds had been secured by his Ministry for developmental projects in the Inner Cities.

He further explained that the funds that had been secured is to upgrade settlement of the people staying along the Odorna drain.

Mr. Boniface Saddiquein an interview questioned why the media has not given much publication on the funds secured for the Inner city, “is it because I have not pushed for it to be made Inner City Development Fund Bill”?.

His comments come in the wake of wanting to know if an Inner City Development Fund Bill should be expected. “We promised a Zongo Development Fund we are in the process of achieving that”.

He said on the floor of this same House in 2006 he introduced the Youth and Employment initiative, and the same Minority said it was “job for the boys”, but it has become a major component of solving our unemployment problem especially with the youth segment, he said.

According to him, there are two schools of taught here, “we have those who are optimistic about the Zongo and Inner Cities, whiles those who are skeptical about it”. At the beginning you face challenges, if you do not face risk you do not gain, you take a risk for a greater rate of a return and that is how life must be”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/