May 2, 2014

Alhaji Ibrahim Dey Abubakari, the Member of Parliament for Salaga South, is insisting on a major intervention from government to put a closure to the woes of the ordinary residents with regards to water supply in the area.

Speaking in an interview with, Alhaji Ibrahim Abubakari noted that unless government intervenes with the necessary mechanisms and support, individual efforts to help improve the situation will be a long term path to consider.

It is reported that about 75% of the whole population in the district are living without access to safe drinking water, however water supply for the remaining 25% is also unreliable which requires urgent attention to mitigate the problem.

He said in the past, the assembly together with other stakeholders and some development partners made considerable efforts to meet the huge needs of individuals living in the district with respect to water supply, but was quick to add that there has not been a remarkable difference since more communities were still not covered with water.

The MP asserted that Salaga was an ancient town with a lot of settlers hence cannot be neglected in the aspect of development, and in terms of the provision of basic needs and infrastructure.

He therefore called on government to put in place urgent steps towards improving on the water situation to enhance the living conditions of the constituents.

Jonathan Adjei/