Parliament reconvenes for emergency meeting today
June 12, 2024

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Alban Suman Bagbin in welcoming Members of Parliament to the third meeting of the fourth Session of the eighth Parliament of the fourth Republic, has announced that this meeting is going to be short latest by the end of July unless the House decides to prolong it.

Despite the short time period, he disclosed that about 80 bills are expected to be introduced within the period.

He affirmed that the meeting would be tight and challenging; hence everyone is needed on board to achieve what they need to do within the meeting.

According to him, reports on urgent legislations like the Affirmative Action and Gender Equality Bill 2023 should be presented this week, and laid; adding that this time around “we have no excuse”.

Also the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana Amendment Bill 2021 will be looked at as well as International Business Economic Transactions Bill 2024 which is a critical bill because the responsibility has been on parliament since 1992, he stated.

Others are the Parliamentary Transition Bill critical for this House for smooth transition.

Five Legislative Instruments before Committees, twenty seven more instruments to be presented, one hundred and forty nine papers before various committees, and fifty nine more to be presented.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/