February 26, 2019

To forestall the nuisance posed by food vendors who move from office to office in parliament, some without permission, the Member of Parliament for Adaklu Kwame Agbodza is advocating the activation of a cafeteria at parliament.

Mr. Kwame . Agbodza raised the issue on the floor of Parliament two weeks ago of a gentleman selling within job 600, but the practice still persist.

The lawmaker in an interview noted, there is a space in Parliament to be leased out to a company to provide food to be purchased by lawmakers, staff and journalists, and this needs to be activated.

“People come to Parliament pretending they are selling food, the scary one is that you find them at the corridors holding packs, you do not know them. The question is how did such persons get to such sensitive areas in Parliament”

And added that, “assuming that the food is contaminated, it is a risk to all of us, whose job is it to screen this people, I believe leadership took note of it when I raised the issue two weeks ago, and said they were going to deal with it, but sadly I saw the gentleman with the pack of food last week Thursday”.

According to the Adaklu lawmaker MPs do have guests, who travel all the way from the village at dawn, they get to Parliament and there is nowhere to get them something to eat and advocated for the activation of the cafeteria.

“It is not only for the MPs, staffs and journalists who work here are also suffering, we are tempted to go order for foods, and now individuals are bring foods that you cannot tell if they are hygienic enough”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com