February 19, 2019
Member of Parliament for Adaklu,  Kwame Agbodza has drawn the House’s attention to a development in the premises that has security implications.

According to the Adaklu lawmaker, there is a development where unknown man comes to the offices of MPs at job 600 to sell food, going through the security check point and the reception without being questioned.

“Security would have to check him, because I do not know him either his name, but I do believe members do come across him”.

He drew the House’s attention to this development when the Business Statement for this week was being presented on the floor of the House.

In a related development, the Adaklu legislator has urged leadership of the House to give members directives as to which entrance they should use on Thursday when the President comes to the House to deliver message of the state of the nation address.

According to Mr. Governs Kwame Agbodza usually after 9:00am security personnel’s in doing their work prevent MPs from using the main entrance to the chamber.

Majority Chief Whip on his part responded that some members invite the said visitors to the House, and added that security persons at the gate and those at the reception need some orientation.

“So that they do not let just anybody in, sometimes you are in the office and someone just walk in you do not know where the person is coming from and  parade the corridor they see the names and the entre, we should be watchful of such things”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com