October 17, 2017

Former Minister of Environment Science and Technology, Mahama Ayariga has indicated that until the attitude of owners of gas and fuel stations are dealt with, Ghana will continue to experience disaster at its gas and fuel stations.

He noted that owners, of gas and fuel stations when they apply for permit they do not meet all the requirements, but go ahead and start operating.

“We need to work on a very heighten ways of diligence to ensure safety and should become a culture of this enterprises, also employing competent hands in this field is very important”, he said.

According to the Bawku Central legislator, it is now time for owners of gas and fuel stations to get sued, I believe the financial bit will help shape the attitude of the owners, the last one that occurred before this I have not heard anyone suing for damages.

Again, we need to give judges the opportunity to hand out some hefty damages for owners of gas and fuel stations to  sell other properties to pay,  that  will send a strong signal to them. His comments comes in the wake of the atomic junction gas and fuel station disaster.

“Even in jurisdictions that you have the highest of standards accidents occur; accidents are accident but the general attitude of recklessness should be the issues that we should deal with”, Mr. Ayariga said.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com