September 16, 2015

Some leading members of the New Patriotic Party have been mentioned in a 42-minute secret tape recording of Member of Parliament, Afenyo Markin, as haven been compromised severally in issues brought before them over the years.

At least five seasoned parliamentarians were mentioned in the tape, which has since made its way into the hands of some members of parliament.

Markin has been fingered in a business deal gone bad in the intended floating of shares of the Agricultural Development Bank onto the Ghana Stock Exchange.

A number of audio recordings available to captures the Lawyer negotiating with top bank officials, for funds to be paid into his bank account in New York or that of his sister’s.

Part of the negotiated funds, which has since been told were bribes meant for Markin, who is leading a campaign in Parliament to thwart the sale, have been paid to him.

The funds as has since been made aware, were meant to get him to soften his position on the matter.

In one of the tapes, which is in possession of, he is heard admitting to receiving funds in excess of 400, 000 dollars.

The bank have since been forced to suspend its Initial Public Offer in the wake of the allegations.

Markin has however filed a suit against the bank at the Supreme Court seeking among other things a relief to compel them to first seek Parliamentary approval for its IPO.

But Markin, who has been made aware of the circulation of the tapes, some of which are pretty damning, is threatening to go the full scale in the suit he has brought against the ADB.

“The ADB case will never be withdrawn”, he said in an interview with Randy Abbey on Metro TV Thursday.

He was reacting to his alleged involvement in a bribery scandal that has rocked the bank.

The Effutu lawmaker had a week ago, slapped an injunction on the bank’s Initial Public Officer (IPO) and prayed to the court to compel it to first seek Parliamentary approval before going ahead with the transaction.

The bank on Monday served notice of the indefinite suspension of its IPO that would have paved the way for it to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

A statement signed by its Resource Coordinator, Justice Apenkwa, directed its agents to return all shares sold.

“Please be advised of the suspension of the Initial Public Offer of ADB shares until further notice. Kindly transfer what you have already sold to the returning officer/Financial Controller,” the statement in part read.

What triggered the suspension was not readily made known by the bank but industry players say it may not be far from the bribery allegations.

It was the second time the bank had suspended the IPO which was scheduled to close in October, 2015.

Markin is yet to officially respond to the allegations of bribery.