August 16, 2013

Member of Parliament Ahafo Ano South West, Johnson Kweku Adu is to soon begin the construction of a new party office in the constituency for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The new office will serve as the administrative centre where activities of the largest opposition party would be carried out.

Speaking to, Hon. Johnson Kweku Adu stated that the party in the constituency is currently operating from a rented house which comes at a huge cost to the party and that in a bid to lessen the financial burden he has decided to put out the party’s own structure.

He disclosed his preparedness to personally fund the construction of the building as his contribution to ensuring further development of the party.

Hon. Kweku Adu noted that since he would be using his own money and not use any of the monies from that allocation that come to him such as the MPs share of the Common Fund, he expects to adopt a gradual approach and complete the foundation structure of the building by the end of the year.

He added that the completion of the party office will end the periodic situation where the party is indebted to owner of the building that serves as the party office.

Kwadwo Anim/