February 16, 2023

Member of Parliament (MP) for Akim Oda, Alexander Akwasi Acquah is make a strong case for basic schools in his constituency to be provided with toilet facilities by the Sanitation and Water Resources Ministry when he filed a question in this respect on the floor of Parliament.

According to him rounds made in the constituency to schools he realised that most of the newly built schools do not have toilet facilities hence most of the schools he visited appealed to him to provide them with toilet facilities.

the situation, he noted, is dire especially so when pupils are asked to come along to school with chamber ports. Why do we experience this in Akim Oda, an old and big city in this age and teachers are the ones who have to attend to these children?, He lamented.

He also recounted that a heavy downpour that hit the area few years ago destroying several buildings including schools also accounted for the high demands by most of the schools soliciting for his assistant to provide them with a place of convenience.

The MP said the population of most of the schools in Akim Oda especially the cluster of schools is huge and providing them with suitable sanitary places would go a long way to prevent communicable diseases which are easily spread.

This, he revealed pushed him to file the question to bring attention of the ministry to take urgent steps to avert any unforseen situation.

Mr. Akeesi Acquah also indicated that it is not as if he is sitting unconcerned and complaining, rather he has made a number of interventions in this regards including using his personal funds since the MPs common fund is not enough to suffice the challenges.

He recounted during his days when he was a school boy, the issue of hygiene was a priority, the underwear you put on, you need to ensure your finger nails are kept neat but it is not the case now.

And the issue of toilet facilities needs to be addressed to prevent outbreak of cholera, as he has gotten information that they have started recording some cholera cases in the constituency.

The Akim Oda lawmaker further explained in an interview with journalists that the response of the sector Minister to his question points out that the various Assemblies should take up the responsibilities of providing toilet facilities.

He was quick to point out that funds that they generate are not enough through the Internal Generate Fund (IGF) and if this is the case on the ground the Assemblies cannot be held responsible, rather the sector Ministry responsible should follow up and be strict on allocation of resources to address the problem.

Again on the issue of MPs getting involved in advocacy for the provision of toilet facilities its a matter of having resources at your disposal, he stated.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com