August 8, 2011

Barely forty eight (48) hours after two respectable political opponents traded insults on radio, the two personalities appear indifferent and have refused to apologize despite huge public condemnation of their behavior.
Deputy Tourism Minister James Agyenim-Boateng whose comments, Nana Akomea argue, prompted his “you are a stupid fool” outbursts, has maintained there is nothing to apologize for.

Speaking on radio Monday morning, he had already shown respect to viewers and listeners by not replying the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communication Director in like manner.

He said it was completely out of respect for listeners and your viewers that he did not shoot back when Nana Akomea decided to use his choice of words. Indeed this is a matter that speaks for itself,” he noted.

While saying “it is not above me to apologise,” the former Deputy Information Minister said, “looking at the circumstances of the case, there is nothing to apologise about and indeed if you even listen to Nana Akomea, I’m not sure that he deserves any kind of apology from me.”

He rejected suggestions that he called Nana Akomea unintelligent for holding a press conference on a controversial audio tape said to bear the voice of Deputy Information Minister Baba Jamal. The person caught on tape promises journalists they would be rewarded with cars and cash if they did the government’s bidding.

Defending his position Monday, the Deputy Tourism Minister said, “I’ve been quite scandalised to check some of the news reports say that I called him unintelligent. Those are not my words, I mean he put that label on himself, I did not put any label on him, I did not describe him as being unintelligent, I mean, maybe he did a deductible statement and that’s the conclusion he came to.”

In sharp response, Nana Akomea insisted that, if the Deputy Minister will not apologize, he will not either.

He said it was about time the NDC were told in clear terms that they do not have monopoly over the use of foul language.

The NPP, he said, had on countless times pointed out insulting comments and behavior by members of the ruling NDC party but the situation still persist.