December 4, 2018


Member of Parliament for Aowin, Mathias Ntow has said it is regrettable that HIV/AIDS is increasing in the country, despite the education that had gone on with the inception of the disease.

According to the Aowin lawmaker enough education has gone on in our schools, churches and public places about the disease, especially with the media house playing a leading role but the numbers keep increasing.

“It is very easy to work with machines, but extremely difficult to work with human beings, I remember, Abstain, be faithful to your partner and use condom but as human as we are we have not paid attention to this campaign”, he lamented.

He made this remarks when there was a statement on the floor of the House to mark World AIDS day.

When you start discussing with people about HIV/AIDS, they would tell you, “all die, be die”, when a person dies it is a cost to the nation, he told his colleagues on the floor of the House.

“Mr. Speaker every MP must go to the hospital to check his or her status, “women should not think it is only men who should check their status, we are all involved. If members are not prepared to go to the hospital, we should have the test done in the chamber, you can use your high office to compel us as the Second Deputy Speaker”

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/