Ama Sey endorses Opare Ansah
March 27, 2022

Former Member of Parliament for Akwatia Mercy Adu Gyamfi popularly known as (Ama Sey) has endorsed Frederick Opare-Ansah as the next General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Saturday March 26, 2022 when the later officially declared his intention to contest for the position.

According to Ama Sey the NPP is a party with respect and appeals to a lot of people but the conduct of some elected Executives is forcing some supporters to give up on the party.

Ama Sey endorses Opare Ansah

“We need a proper General Secretary who would bring the poor and the rich together and someone who can work with the young and the old, to cut down bickering, that person is our father Opare Ansah. Tell a friend to tell his or her boyfriend or girlfriend, I said you should vote for Opare Ansah when the time comes later in the year to elect a General Secretary for NPP”.

Friends of Opare-Ansah organised a programme at Tarkoradi over the weekend, specifically on Saturday, March 26, 2022 where they officially asked him if he was interested in the General Secretary position because they have heard he was interested and they wanted him to officially declare his intention to vie for the General Secretary position.

Madam Mercy Adu Gyamfi further pointed out while addressing friends of Opare-Ansah that he is the only person who can bring the party members together in the wake of the retrogression being witnessed in the party.

“They said they do not like Ama Sey because she cannot speak English, we do not like her but I can bring people into the party fold so if I stand to be elected wouldn’t you vote for me? There were people who stood behind and said Ama Sey, we do not want her when I went to Parliament. If people would like me it has to do with our father Opare Ansah”.

She recounted that, due to the embarrassment she was taken through, when she was in Parliament she became quiet; it was the former Suhum MP Frederick Opare-Ansah who took her to his office and encouraged her.

And she was able to talk in Parliament and he is someone the party needs, indicating that with Opare Ansah, no matter who you are if you are down he would lift you up again, his human relation is perfect and would ensure no one abuses or makes you uncomfortable.

“I hope you and I can push for him to become the General Secretary; it would surprise us as to the level he would place the party for it to be attractive to the extent that when he is the General Secretary even supporters of the opposition would have confidence in NPP”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/