MP for Amenfi West, Eric Afful
December 2, 2021

In the light of consistent absence of the Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Sarah Adowa Safo to answer the question of Member of Parliament for Amenfi West, Eric Afful, the MP has indicated that he would take advantage of the appearance of the Minister on the floor on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 for his question to be answered.

In an interview with he pointed out that his question is a very important question that Ghanaians need an answer to.

The MP is seeking to know the steps being taken to remove children who are on the high street of Accra and other regional capitals, hawking, begging as these activities cause injuries, traffic congestion, and road accidents to road users.

Mr. Eric Afful noted that most of these children begging on the streets are foreigners mostly from Niger, Mali and Chard and other countries who are in town causing a lot of havoc, stealing from people and others.

“I want to know the status of those children and I want the government to let us know what they are doing with their situation.  I want to know if they have a programme designed for them to stay in this country permanently.”

Again, with this question, Ghanaians would know what they are doing in town and further added that, the current New Patriotic government promised they were going to build a hostel for these people and most of them are kayayis.

“Let us know whether that hostel has been built, so that these children can occupy it. And also it was said that a school would be built to accommodate this children, it is an eye saw when you go to most of the countries in Africa you would not see some of these things”.

In addition, he pointed out that they are immigrants most of them cannot show their documents that they are Ghanaians, but they are causing havoc in the Ghanaian community, and they  need to clear. “Let Ghanaians have a clear mind of what is happening with these people”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/