October 16, 2013

Government has taken delivery of investigative report by American experts on the numerous market fires which swept through major markets in some parts of the country, Deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga has said.

Mr Agalga told Joy News experts from the ministry are studying the report before forwarding it to the President with “certain recommendations for implementation”.

Many investigative reports conducted by government agencies are yet to be made public and mostly, no explanations are given.

Key among them is the rampant fires in some markets across the country five months ago, where forensic experts from the USA were invited to investigate the cause of the fires.

The Deputy Minister said the American experts after collating the evidence went to the USA to add finishing touches to their findings before sending the report back through the American Embassy.

“We received the report not too long ago,” he said but could not readily tell the date the report was received; he was however certain it came in “about weeks” ago.

In a related development, James Agalga said the ministry was yet to receive reports on police investigations into various shooting incidents where innocent citizens were killed.

He is sure no report has been given to them because the police are yet to conclude their investigations.