April 29, 2011

The former Minister for Youth and Sports , Alhaji Mohammed Munataka has challenged the Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Kwaku Kwarteng to produce evidence to buttress his claim that he (Muntaka) misappropriated state funds during his tenure of office.

The Asawase MP resigned from office last year following allegations of abuse of office and conflict of interest levelled against him while he served as the substantive Sports Minister.

The issue also saw the interdiction of the then Principal state Accountant of the Ministry, Mr. Adim Odoom and the Chief Director, Albert Ampong on the grounds that they failed to ensure that the laid down procedures were followed to guide the former Minister’s expenditure.

On Monday, November 23 2009, an Accra Fast Track High Court however ruled that that President John Mills’ directive that the two be interdicted had no legal basis.

The contention at the time was that the President did not have the legal right to take the action which was a preserve of the Civil Service Council.

The Civil Service Council then set up investigations into the matter based on which the two public servants have been interdicted again.

In a Press Statement signed by its Communications Director, Kwaku Kwarteng, the NPP called for the immediate reinstatement of Mr. Adim Odoom and Albert Ampong saying “the rulings were a loud statement of NDC government’s penchant for acting unlawfully and recklessly.”

According to the country’s largest opposition party, the latest development amounted to “a wicked and embarrassing display of selective justice.”

“The Minister who was responsible for the wrongs has only been asked to go and sin no more. The two civil servants who dared to draw the attention to the looting of the tax payer’s money have been interdicted. What kind of ‘father-for-all’ is President Mills?” He said.

The party contended that, with these developments, public servants would be unwilling to volunteer information towards the fight against corruption.

However in a sharp rebuttal, Hon. Muntaka took a swipe at the NPP’s Communications Director describing him as a shameful politician.

“I am ashamed and disappointed in Kwaku Kwarteng because he is talking out of ignorance. If he thinks he has any evidence, he should proceed to court. I know I am not guilty, I have not taken even one pesewa worth of meat.” He said.

He reiterated his innocence in the much publicised case and dared Kwaku Kwarteng to produce evidence to buttress his claim that he (Muntaka) used state
funds to buy meat or other personal belongings.”

An obviously infuriated Muntaka chanted “If he wants to insult, I can also insult.” “We must stop the dirty politics, it destroys the country.” He added.