January 25, 2019


Member of Parliament (MP) for Atiwa East, Abena Osei Asare has donated an incubator to the Enyiresi government hospital in her constituency, as part of her fortieth birthday.

According to the Deputy Finance Minister, life begins at forty and if the Lord has added another year to her age, this is something small she is doing to thank the Lord.

Donating the item to the hospital, she pointed out that the district director of health talked about Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) with maternal health as part of it and whatever can be done to help women going to give birth for them to have safe delivery for mothers to have their babies should be done.

The MP thanked the nurses for their hard work in ensuring that there was no maternal death recorded last year.

She further admonished the nurses not to look at the conduct of human beings in the line of their duties, but look up to God and also realize that whatever benefit there is they would have their portion.

“You might not see it today, but tomorrow you would have an opportunity that you would not understand, but you would come to understand later that it was the good health care you gave a patient who came before you”

The Atiwa East lawmaker further appealed to the health administrators to make it a point to nominate the hard working staff of the month and place the person’s picture on the walls of the hospital from next month so that she would support with the little gift she can to encourage others to work hard.

“For health personnel to feel appreciated in other for them to go the extra mile working hard”.
She used the opportunity to thank the doctors at the hospital and pointed out that, effort are being made to complete doctors bungalow for them to stay around the hospital.

As a result of that when an issue occurs, a doctor would just have to walk in to save life within minutes, “we are not going to go all the way to get the doctor from his or her house and this opportunity would be extended to other health personnel”.

In a related development, the Deputy Minister of Finance Abena Osei Asare used the occasion, to donate a television set to doctors at the hospital.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com